Setting the Scene - Bitham Brook Primary School

Bitham Brook Primary is a large Primary School in Westbury, Wiltshire. It has recently undergone a major extension and is looking to increase the number of pupils at the school.

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Customer Objectives

Bitham Brook contacted us looking for new play equipment for their KS1 and KS2 areas to give the children more active and challenging opportunities.

The school already had an old Trim Trail which was rotten, and some items were out-of-use. The surfacing was old and the ground around it had worn away, creating a trip hazard.











We removed the old rotten equipment and replaced the surfacing around some of the items that were still in use. As we were removing old Trim Trail, the school wanted to replace this with equipment that was less linear and more challenging.


Our Solution

To encourage physical play and give children the opportunities to experience risky play and develop their upper body strength, we installed a large and challenging Jungle Climber.

The impressive Jungle Climber is the focal point of the playground; the item has no starting point which makes play open-ended and more exciting for the children. While overcoming this challenge, children will build their climbing confidence, upper and lower body strength, core stability, balance and gross motor skills. The climber can also become a starting point for solving physical puzzles and sparking imaginative play. 


After 2BithamAfter 3Bitham









To make the most of the school’s budget and to keep this area varied and exciting, we kept the Net Tunnel and advised the school how to make a small repair to the Swinging Logs themselves so these could be brought back into use. We replaced the damaged rubber surfacing with Just Like Grass surfacing around the existing items. This surface will allow the children to play safely on the equipment during all seasons and makes the equipment feel a part of the larger trim trail once again.




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Originally published Feb 9, 2022 12:19:11 PM , updated January 30, 2024