Active Play & Sports

Developing a passion for active play and sport as a child is key for an adult life that embraces fitness and activity. We can help you create a dedicated space where pupils can develop their Gross Motor Skills through climbing our Towers or traversing our Trim Trails. The installation of a MUGA can help pupils improve their Fundamental Movement Skills as they run, jump, throw and kick balls in a dedicated active space.

Adventure Climbing

Introducing an element of climbing into your playground is a great way for your pupils to improve their balance, agility and core strength through physical activity.

We have an extensive range of Adventure Climbing Frames which incorporate play elements such as including ropes and hand-grips, and beam climbing elements to make the equipment a challenge for your pupils.

Like all of our timber products, they're built to last through frequent use and all that the great British weather can throw at them.

Speak to us about your space and the goals you have for your children's physical development, and we'll come up with something amazing!

Adventure Climbing Image

High Level Trim Trail

Our High Level Trim Trails are designed to provide more challenge to older or more physically adventurous pupils.

Focusing on upper body strength, pupils are encouraged to engage their core and improve their grip strength as they move across the equipment.

Any well designed KS2 playground should incorporate an element of High Level Trim Trail equipment to provide a physical challenge to pupils and encourage development of key upper body muscle groups.

High Level Trim Trail equipment will require safer surfacing, so your budget will need to make an allowance for this, however with good design the cost need not be prohibitive.

High Level Trim Trail Image

Low Level Trim Trail

We have designed a wide selection of Low Level Trim Trail options to provide your pupils with an exciting physical challenge every breaktime.

Trim Trails are designed so that a whole class can be entertained as they traverse along and around the equipment. Promoting agility, balance and co-ordination, as well as improving children’s core and upper body strength.

Low Level Trim Trails can be designed to suit any budget and are a perfect cost effective resource for getting pupils active during school break times.

We have a selection of ready made Trim Trails, however we love creativity so feel free to design your own incorporating any of the individual items.

A key component of the Low Level Trim Trail option is that it does not require a safer surface, making it a cost effective solution for many schools.

Low Level Trim Trail Image

Sports & Outdoor Fitness

Our range of Outdoor Gym Equipment for schools will encourage a love of activity and fitness for life. It can be incorporated into PE lessons and help pupils to understand key muscle groups and how they can be engaged. We have a suggested sets; however you can also create your own specific gym collection.


Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) are a dedicated space for sporting activity, where ball games can be contained, and team activities encouraged. They can come with either steel or timber fencing and goal ends complete with hoops. The surfacing can be designed to incorporate sport specific line markings or coloured surfacing can be used to denote different sections of the court.

Daily Mile

A Daily Mile pathway is a great way to increase activity levels for pupils, allowing them to let off steam, ready to engage with work in the classroom. Installing a Daily Mile into a grass field will open this space throughout the wetter winter months, increasing your playgrounds usable space. Daily Miles can be constructed in a variety of surfaces, such as Bonded Rubber Mulch and Artificial Grass, depending on your needs and budget.

Sports & Outdoor Fitness Image


Our Towers create opportunities for children to enjoy active and imaginative play. They encourage role play and communication, alongside Fundamental Movement Skills. Your pupils will engage and create playful scenarios as they move in and around the Tower.

Our Tower designs include slides, dens, lookouts and bridges to engage and inspire. They can be low or high level, depending on the level of challenge you wish to create for your pupils.

Towers can be incorporated so they link with Trim Trails to change the points of access, so they can become part of a wider play scheme.

Towers Image
a woman presenting a playground design

the dbdplay experience

At dbdplay, we design bespoke playgrounds according to the space and the exact needs and wants of your school. The only limit is your imagination!

Because safety and durability are a top priority, all our play equipment is built from FSC approved timber, treated to stay solid through wet, cold, and frequent use for many years to come.

All expert installations are carried out by either our own team or trusted, regular contractors.

The install team was excellent and very professional.

I was indeed impressed with their ability to adapt access to site and make things work.

The kids all love it and the new equipment featured in our local Painswick magazine.

Painswick Playgroup


We just wanted to thank you for our fabulous new play surface! 

We love it and cannot wait to see the children's reactions this morning. 

 Wow! So exciting. 


Batheaston Church School


It looks amazing, very very pleased.

Thank you

Burbage Primary School