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we believe playgrounds
should be...

○ A safe, inspiring place to play and socialise
○ An additional space for learning
○ Designed to avoid congestion or conflict
○ Easy for teachers to manage
active play


outdoor shelters

fencing and storage


featured case study

avanti gardens e.y.f.s area

Different play zones were created for various school subjects and types of play. These were differentiated through the use of different surfacing and sleepers; including Play Bark, coloured Woodland Mulch and Textured Pathways. This kept the structure of the playground, but made the different zones far more accessible and attractive to the Early Years Children.

our process...

The best place to start is a meeting where we focus on your outcomes and educational needs.
It is essential that we understand your goals for the redesigned area - is this increased physical activity or the creation of an outside space for learning and development?

wellington prep school

dens, huts & teepees

We are passionate about play and thrive on creating school playgrounds that will support learning and education. School playground design combines art and science, and our team are ready to create a playground for your school that achieves your goals.

Social activity den
Social Activity Den
Play hut with benches
Play Hut (with Benches)
Raised hut
Raised Play Hut
Play hut
Play Hut (Open with WS & Benches)
Play hut
Play Hut (Solid with open Front & Benches)
Play hut with benches and worktops
Play Den (with Worktops & Bench)

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