active sports

Our premium Active Sports surface is ideal for MUGAs and active spaces within your school playground.

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Active Sports is an incredibly hard wearing artificial grass surface that is ideal for Multi Use Games Areas 'MUGAS'.

The installation of a MUGA can help to provide a dedicated space for ball games within the playground, to avoid other playground games being marginalised. Active sports surfacing can be line painted to provide sports pitch markings.

One of the most important aspects to consider with Active Sports surfaces is the installation of an appropriate subbase to ensure longevity of the surface, an even finish and adequate drainage.

Close up of astroturf 3G or 4G

What can it be used for?

Active Sports is a versatile surface which can be used for a wide range of sports including: 

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Tag Rugby
  • Soft Ball
  • Netball


Our active sports surface can be laid directly onto a solid surface (e.g. tarmac, concrete). If required we can install an additional 10mm shock pad beneath the surface to soften the overall feel of the area. 

For any installation of active sports onto a soil/grass area we recommend the installation of a stone sub-base is to aid longevity, provide additional water drainage, and to prevent uneven settlement of the surface.

The depth of the sub-base will vary depending on the ground conditions, be it soft clay soil, stony ground, or where there are many tree roots in situ. A minimum of 50mm depth of sub-base material, usually MOT Type 1, laid over a geotextile membrane is sufficient.

Depending on the sub-base stone type, the surface will also require a thin layer of grit sand to ensure a flat, smooth surface.

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The children now love rolling down the hill.

It’s completely transformed the space.

We have had no flooding problems since the grass has been installed, even with the big storm.

YMCA Green Shoots Nursery


The team at dbdplay did a fantastic job transforming our play area at the heart of the school. They managed a complicated build during term time and we are grateful for the finished product.

The only issue we have now is getting the children and families to leave at the end of the day :)

May Park Primary School


Its just wonderful. We are beyond thrilled!

Kirsty and I spent some time watching the children in the environment yesterday and it’s indeed a long-term vision and dream secured. You can see the impact already.

Thanks so much.

Mangotsfield Primary School