High Level Trim Trail

Our High Level Trim Trails are designed to provide more challenge to older or more physically adventurous pupils.

Focusing on upper body strength, pupils are encouraged to engage their core and improve their grip strength as they move across the equipment.

Any well designed KS2 playground should incorporate an element of High Level Trim Trail equipment to provide a physical challenge to pupils and encourage development of key upper body muscle groups.

High Level Trim Trail equipment will require safer surfacing, so your budget will need to make an allowance for this, however with good design the cost need not be prohibitive.

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We are absolutely thrilled with the new play equipment which was installed over the Easter holidays.

The equipment includes lots of different sections, and the ground area around the equipment has been levelled out and resurfaced, making it a much more usable space. 

Thank you.

Redland Primary School


Our most complex learners are now better able to engage with an increasing range of outdoor learning opportunities.  

Outdoor spaces are vital to help those who experience multi-sensory processing difficulties develop their senses and gain and understanding of their place in the world. 

The garden will not only enable a more holistic learning experience but will support overall health and wellbeing.

Treloar School


It looks amazing, very very pleased.

Thank you

Burbage Primary School