Avanti Gardens, Bristol

Setting the Scene

Avanti Gardens School opened in September 2014 and recently joined the Avanti Schools Trust. They are situated in the heart of Fishponds, Bristol, educating over 300 pupils. They support their pupils to become fluent readers, writers and mathematicians, thus ensuring that every child can engage in and enjoy the richness of their wider curriculum.

We have worked with Avanti many times now and have developed a good partnership. We recently completed Avanti Gardens School’s EYFS area.

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Customer Objectives

The Avanti Gardens Trim Trail area was an unused grass space that included 5 different sized tyres sunk into the ground. The school requested an exciting new trim trail to be proposed with the plan to resurface later. During our consultation, the school explained they wanted something exciting but good value for money that would stay within their budget. The Trim Trail needed to be accessible for children aged between 5-11 years.

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Our Solution

Our solution was to install Trim Trail items in a horseshoe shape connecting them to the path and include their existing tyres. We installed our Net Crawl, which encourages problem-solving; how to move across without falling through the net. It also develops fine and gross motor skills through gripping to the rope and crawling across. The Trim Trail also included Swinging Logs and Web Traverse, which improves strength, core stability, motor control and learning to tackle challenges on the move. The Web Traverse is a low-level item so can be suitable for all ages but still offers challenge to the KS2 children.

We installed a Climbing Wall Traverse that offers challenges and develops problem-solving skills; working out the best route and grips to use to get across the wall. The Climbing Wall Traverse also offers the opportunity to make this activity as easy or hard as the children chose, either climbing across on the lower grips or the higher grips developing their climbing confidence.

We installed our Burma Bridge, which focuses on children’s balance and core strength. The Zig Zag Balance Beams offer the children to develop their balance but also offers different heights to jump from. We installed Forest Log Posts which are not only visually pleasing, especially next to the large Conifer tree but also offers opportunities to develop strength, core and problem-solving skills.

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Originally published Feb 9, 2022 1:26:41 PM , updated March 19, 2024