Setting the Scene

Avanti Park School is in the centre of Frome and caters for Reception and Key Stages 1 & 2. Avanti’s ethos is to help each child become a well-rounded person through intellectual, personal and spiritual growth, thereby making the world a better place. Being a relatively new school to Avanti, there was much consideration taken to improve the facilities and grounds at the school.

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Customer Objectives

The EYFS play area Avanti inherited had little play value, the site suffered from poor drainage and due to the high footfall and limited space the site was very muddy and grass could not grow. The site was also challenged by the steep slope which extended from the fence at the back of the playground down to the classroom doors, which often led to water coming into the building. It was therefore imperative that the slope was managed and made safer.

The school also wanted surfacing that could be used all the year round so that the children could maximise the outdoor space whatever the weather. In addition, they wanted playground equipment that would support physical development, communication and language, encouraging Symbolic Play.

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Our Solution

Our solution was to build staggered levels into the playground, creating different areas for exploration and play. Each level was separated by gabian baskets to improve site drainage. At the top of the playground we installed our EY Climbing Pyramid and Jungle Climber into rubber mulch to provide a physical challenge. We also installed a Den Frame and Teepee, both of which are a fantastic resource for imaginative independent play. We installed seating on top of the gabian baskets which provided an additional function in the top section of the playground.

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In the middle section we installed a Hoggin Bridge with port hole view points which the children could run along. We installed a natural grass area with Storytelling Chair and Log Seating to the side which can be used when the weather is fair.
On the lower level we installed a bark pit complete with Mud Kitchen and a Large Sand Pit for free play, imaginative thinking and sensory exploration. The remainder of the area was laid with tarmac to encourage children to get active on bikes and trikes, helping develop their fundamental movement skills. ACO drains were installed to help with the drainage issue.

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"They have stuck to the timescales quoted and in fact completed the work faster than expected.
The build team were brilliant - you wouldn’t have known they were there if it wasn’t for the diggers!
The most important customer is the children of course. They love it and have told me time after time that “it’s awesome”!"

Abby Atkins, Principal

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Originally published Oct 27, 2021 2:15:03 PM , updated January 30, 2024