Setting the Scene

Oakhurst Community Primary School is a bright and vibrant school with over 400 children. Their vision for Oakhurst is to provide an environment where all children achieve their potential and prosper.

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Customer Objectives

Oakhurst were clear that they wanted to enhance the small area outside their year 1 classroom. They wanted to hide the car park scene behind their fence panels and wanted to focus on literacy, and problem-solving skills, whilst encouraging communication and social interaction.

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Our Solution

Our design solution included a Triple Stage Platform which provides an opportunity for role play and performances and provides children with the space to express themselves and their feelings. The Grass Top Stools are freestanding, so can be moved to create seating around the outside area.

The Play Hut and Teepee inspire Social Play, encouraging group discussions and interaction with one another. These are a fantastic resource that can be used for child-led play or a quiet space for reading and reflection. This is a great way to develop children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development, understanding of the world and language skills. The Play Mounds offer an opportunity for Rough and Tumble Play and give the playground vibrancy through their colour.

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Sand and Water Tables with Bucket & Rail were introduced to spark creativity and enhance Gross Motor Skills. The Chalkboard and Whiteboards with timber border and the Storage Hut, with chalkboards within, inspire interactive learning and enable children to embrace reading and maths, taking ownership of their learning space.

Surfacing the area with Just Like Grass softened the play area and we proposed willow screening against the fencing to offer privacy from the adjacent school car park.

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Originally published Oct 26, 2021 4:17:45 PM , updated January 30, 2024