Setting the Scene - Ashbury C of E School

Ashbury C of E School is a small village school just outside of Swindon, with a whole school capacity of 90 children.

As a Church of England Primary School, everything they do is grounded through their core Christian Values of Compassion, Perseverance and Responsibility.

Ashbury are committed to instilling in their children a lifelong love of learning that will equip them to succeed in an ever-changing modern world.

Customer Objectives

The Headteacher contacted us to help them with a part of their EYFS play area which had been poorly designed.

The existing rubber mulch surfacing had become very mossy and slippery, and the area was dominated by a large installation of water trays which prevented the area having multiple play uses.

Before 1AshburyAfter 3Ashbury

Our Solution

Our solution was to re-organise the space, by removing the dominating water play structure but also keeping and relocating other existing items of playground equipment such as the Musical Panels, which in a new location could offer play value. After 2Ashbury

In doing so, we created a more versatile and engaging space with more room to play. The repaired or repurposed equipment was finally able to create an exciting sensory experience for the children, which was enhanced with bright new patches of play grass.

Our build team removed the mossy and dull Rubber Mulch surfacing and installed a stone base and Just Like Grass surfacing; an ideal solution for a playground prone to moss and damp patches under the shade of the trees. 

The natural green colour of our Just Like Grass blends in with the natural environment and the school field next door, whilst being low maintenance for the school.After 1Ashbury

To brighten the area, we also installed yellow and blue and yellow Play Grass circles within the Just Like Grass, adding a sensory element to the surfacing. Children love bright colours and different textures to explore.

The EYFS area has been transformed from a mossy, slippery playground with limited space for active play into an attractive and inviting space which can offer a range of play opportunities for the children and teaching staff.

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Originally published Feb 9, 2022 2:08:24 PM , updated January 30, 2024