Mud, Sand and Water Play

As well as being a whole lot of fun, water channel play, mixing mud potions, and building with sand are all invaluable for helping children learn to problem solve and learn the qualities of different materials

outdoor mud, sand, and water play equipment for schools and nurseries

In EYFS and nursery, playground sand and water play stations help children to hone their fine motor control and explore different substances. As they grow, they can use them as their first steps into science, finding out about materials which float, sink, or absorb water, as well as how to create steady structures.

in KS1 and beyond, students enjoy finding out how to create different textures and effects in mud kitchens while engaging in imaginative play. Sand and water can also be used to explore problems of volume, capacity, and how to build a leak-proof water channel.

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The team that installed our equipment were fantastic, we didn’t even know we had them there.

They were extremely tidy and worked very hard so please pass on our thanks to them.

St Nicholas Primary School

New Romney

We are absolutely thrilled with the new play equipment which was installed over the Easter holidays.

The equipment includes lots of different sections, and the ground area around the equipment has been levelled out and resurfaced, making it a much more usable space. 

Thank you.

Redland Primary School


The dbdplay team have been absolutely fantastic in helping us envision, plan and develop our fantastic new garden!

The children (and adults) have had so much fun exploring the bug hotel, performing on stage and getting tangled in the spider web!

Our garden is now truly an all year-round place to learn, explore & play. Thank you so much.

Little Willows Day Nursery