imaginative & creative

Learning through play is a fundamental part of early development. We can help you create imaginative and exciting spaces that encourage pupils to role play, settle disputes and build relationships. Our selection of Play Huts, Mud Kitchens and Performance Stages will enable pupils to engage with a range of opportunities to explore their inner creativity.

dens, huts & teepees

Our range of Dens, Huts and Teepees create enabling environments for collaborative play and interaction, particularly among early years pupils.

Our Teepees are a key early years resource as they allow staff and pupils to create and change their own play environment with the use of sheets, blankets or other natural resources.

Huts can be designed to incorporate chalkboards for mark making and to encourage pupils engagement with literacy and numeracy.



Our discovery range encourages pupils to learn more about their environment by creating habitats, such as Bug or Bee Hotels where pupils can observe creatures in the natural environment. 

We also have a selection of identification boards to help pupils identify mini beasts or garden birds that can be found in their playground environment.





Creating a dedicated space for nature and plants will increase pupils’ knowledge of the world and help them to understand life cycles and the importance of a sustainable environment.

Our planters come in a variety of heights and sizes depending on their use and the age of pupils who are using the area. We have designed a number of planters to include trellis so pupils can train sweet peas or beans to grow upwards.

All our planters incorporate an edge for seating so the nature space can be used for both education and relaxation.


mud, sand & water play

Providing opportunities for children to get messy is an essential part of any early years playground environment.

By incorporating our range of sandpits, mud kitchens and water play you will create a space where children can build and collaborate as they explore together.

Encouraging the development of both fine and gross motor skills as they manipulate tools and move equipment.


performance & music

Offering a dedicated space for performance, music and art will enliven your playground and allow pupils to explore and express their creativity.

Encouraging these disciplines will help to promote pupils self-esteem and grow their confidence as they engage with and entertain fellow pupils through self-expression.


what our customers say

"Excalibur have been working with dbdplay for over 5 years to help us to develop and improve our schools outside spaces. They have designed and installed EYFS playgrounds, Trim Trails and Outdoor Gym Equipment, alongside key landscaping works improving the layout and useability of our playgrounds. The quality of the workmanship, the attention to detail and the overall helpfulness of all of their team is exceptional."

Excalibur Academies Trust

a woman presenting a playground design

the dbdplay experience

At dbdplay, we design bespoke playgrounds according to the space and the exact needs and wants of your school. The only limit is your imagination!

Because safety and durability are a top priority, all our play equipment is built from FSC approved timber, treated to stay solid through wet, cold, and frequent use for many years to come.

All expert installations are carried out by either our own team or trusted, regular contractors.

Our playground looks AMAZING !

We are so grateful to all your team for their hard work in giving our children something so truly unique and special. 

Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved.

St Peter's C of E Academy


The children have been thoroughly enjoying our brand new play equipment at both KS1 and KS2 and it has been a joy to watch all their smiles and giggles in the sunshine.    

Many break times and lunchtimes are now spent swinging and balancing on the fantastic new equipment.

The Grove Primary School


The kids adore the new sloped area, they loved it from the first time :)

My two kids came home so excited after they first played on it. 

The Vineyard School