Setting the Scene

Mulberry Park Educate Together Primary Academy is a new school in Bath, which opened in September 2018.

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Customer Objectives

Mulberry Park had very clear objectives when they started their playground development project. The primary purpose was to increase the amount of physical fixed play equipment on offer in the playground including options for climbing and traversing which would improve the play experience for the children, increasing physical activity and enhancing creativity.

The brief made it clear that the design should promote upper body strength, grip, balance and core stability. It should also be aesthetically pleasing with colour and a look that fits the Academy.

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Our Solution

Our design solution included a Trim Trail including items that would engage upper body strength and core stability, whilst providing an exciting physical challenge. We placed the trail along the edge of the tarmac playground using Just Like Grass surfacing to extend the all weather play area. We also installed an Outdoor Classroom for learning and Thermoplastic Line Markings which brightened and brought to life the large tarmac area.

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Originally published Oct 27, 2021 1:33:43 PM , updated January 30, 2024