"Thank you so much, this is an absolutely stunning, beautifully thought-out, well-presented proposal. It gets a thumbs up from me."

Michelle Pennycott, Estates and Facilities Business Partner, Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust


Setting the Scene

The Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust (DBAT) was founded in 2012, enabling the Diocese of Bristol’s Board of Education to sponsor academies. It currently sponsors 15 academies. Their vision is to be a Trust of exceptional academies with strong Christian ethos which provides a value-led education and opportunities for all children to flourish and achieve their fullest potential. The Three Schools we worked with recently, Christian Malford CE Primary School, Seagry CE Primary School and Somerford Powell CE Primary School are all situated within the Chippenham area. We have worked with other DBAT schools in the past.

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Customer Objectives

Firstly, Seagry CE Primary contacted us requesting a free design, site survey and proposal service in relation to their play area and grounds. Seagry School had very clear objectives when they started their playground development project; they had a plan for a large playground revamp in affordable phases but wanted to focus on outdoor learning first which was driven by Covid and the need for more fresh air.

We were then shown around Christian Malford C of E Primary School and Somerford Powell C of E Primary School as they are in the same academy trust, their primary purpose was to maximise their outside space and create a space for outdoor learning.

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Our Solution

We installed our Large Hexagonal Outdoor Classroom in all three schools. The Outdoor Classrooms seat 35 children along edge benches. On the back wall we installed a Large Chalkboard which makes the Outdoor Classroom an interactive space.

The Large Outdoor Classroom is an impressive focal point for the three schools and is a central hub for outdoor learning. The Timber decked flooring is inlaid with Just Like Grass to minimise slipping on the surface and creates a softer finish, this can enable children to sit on the floor comfortably. The Outdoor Classrooms give children the opportunity to stay outside whatever the weather and have the well-needed time away from the classroom to be able to refocus and demonstrated a lower level of stress.

They have also allowed for the schools to perform their Christmas Nativities for the parents when other schools have had to cancel due to not being allowed to meet indoors.

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Originally published Feb 9, 2022 2:21:22 PM , updated January 30, 2024