For pupils, the playground is more than just a place to have fun - it's a vital space for social, emotional, and physical development. An early years playground that stimulates the mind and body can shape the learning journey for a child. But what makes a playground genuinely engaging for these young explorers?


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Safe and Engaging Space

Safety should always be the top priority. But beyond safety, the playground should include different zones, like sensory areas, quiet spots, and active play sections, to cater to the diverse needs of children.

Sand, Mud, and Water Play

Allowing children to get hands-on and messy is crucial. Elements like sandpits, mud kitchens, and water play encourage kids to explore, build, and collaborate.

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Dens, Huts and Teepees

Spaces that foster imagination and role-playing are a must-have. Dens and teepees give children the freedom to create their own stories and worlds.


Discovery Zones

From bug hotels to identification boards, creating spaces where children can learn about their environment can instill a lifelong love for nature.


Grow Areas

Dedicated spaces for planting help kids understand life cycles, sustainability, and the environment. Plus, gardening is a calming activity that fosters patience and concentration.OakhurstEY-5-2

Performance and Music Areas

Giving children a stage (even if it's a small corner) to express themselves through music, dance, or drama boosts their confidence and communication skills.OakhurstYr1-5-1

Classroom Extensions

Outdoor classrooms or shaded reading corners can extend the learning environment, making lessons more interactive and dynamic.

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Storage Solutions

Having dedicated storage sheds or boxes for toys, tools, and books ensures that everything is organised and easily accessible.


Key Learnings

Creating a stimulating early years playground is about balancing safety with creativity. By incorporating diverse play options and educational elements, we can offer children a space where they can learn, grow, and, most importantly, have fun. Looking to revamp your school's early years playground? Explore the bespoke playground solutions at dbdplay and ensure your little ones have the best environment to thrive. Contact us today!

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Originally published Nov 22, 2023 1:35:11 PM , updated January 31, 2024


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