Our Projects & Prices

Due to the nature of our services, we don't have an out-the-box cost per installation. However, we do have a beautifully curated brochure of case studies - including pricing - so you can gauge how much your perfect play installation may cost. Check out or product range or download our pricing brochure below.

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Our Prices

Download our beautifully curated 40 page brochure of case studies, installations and projects - including their prices. 

The dbdplay Experience

At dbdplay, we design bespoke playgrounds according to the space and the exact needs and wants of your school. The only limit is your imagination!

Because safety and durability are a top priority, all our play equipment is built from FSC approved timber, treated to stay solid through wet, cold, and frequent use for many years to come.

All expert installations are carried out by either our own team or trusted, regular contractors.


the dbd promise